Is Flutter App Development the Best Choice for MVP?

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4 min readJul 13, 2021

Recently, MVP or minimum viable product mobile apps have taken the startup market by storm. More and more businesses are employing iterative development concepts to minimize market risks. And a technology that has come up as promising support for MVP app solutions is Flutter cross-platform framework.

It has been over 3 years since businesses started utilizing Flutter for their mobile app development projects. The UI toolkit offers true cross-platform development, and developers praise it for its rapid app-building process, along with expressive UI.

*Note: Our team at Adorebits have delivered over 70+ MVP app solution using Flutter. And the framework has not only helped us speed up the development process but helped our clients get the maximum out of their MVP budget.

So, in this article, we will understand why we recommend Flutter for MVP development:

1. Faster Time to Market

When you use Flutter app development, you can build a single code for an app that runs on both Android and iOS devices. It means that you are saving a significant amount of time that you would have invested if you choose native development. According to various surveys, you can cut down the development time by up to 70% on choosing Flutter mobile app development instead of native.

When it comes to an MVP, businesses choose an MVP solution to test their app concept faster in the market. Therefore, Flutter can help you speed up the launch schedule as you do not have to write individual codes for iOS and Android platforms. It can help you get ahead of the curve and leverage newer technologies faster. This isn’t possible with other cross-platform development frameworks.

2. You Can Minimize the Development Cost

Businesses choose MVP to test their app concept within a minimum amount of investment. They try to trade off most of the desirable features of the app with the ‘necessary’ features. And this practice can often be challenging for the stakeholders. Moreover, removing some desirable features also fades the desirability element of an MVP application. And it just remains viable and functional, but users do not find it desirable enough to use.

Flutter can help you resolve this struggle by reducing the development cost. As the number of hours invested in cross-platform app development is less, there is an automatic reduction in the development cost. Therefore, a decrease in the overall app development cost allows stakeholders to dedicate a feasible budget to the project scope. They do not have to cut down on crucial features. And they can include more features in the initial MVP stage itself.

3. Do Not Compromise On the Project Scope

Flutter framework uses its specific widgets, libraries, and development tools. And it does not have to depend upon the support from native components. Therefore, you can stick to the functionality and features you wish to include in your MVP app. Moreover, Flutter allows you to create impressive UI with ease, and it would be an added benefit of using Flutter.

So, unlike any other cross-platform development framework, Flutter has got you covered with your innovative project scope. Plus, as the Flutter community is growing, you can expect prompt support for any of your development queries.

4. Deliver Impressive Performance with Flutter

The competition in the app world is surging rapidly. And users are not settling down for any incompetent app solutions. Therefore, attracting users with an MVP is itself a challenge. However, Flutter can help you here. Flutter applications deliver unparalleled performance as it utilizes the Skia Graphics Library. Flutter UI exudes a stellar performance of 60 fps. You can attract users to your app owing to your application’s expressive user experience and robust functionality.

Moreover, it would be easy to scale with Flutter app development as Flutter SDK is developing and is extending its support for the web platform. Therefore, whenever you wish to scale your MVP solution on other platforms, you would not have to assign a large development budget.

5. Plan, Build, Implement, and Iterate

One crucial advantage of choosing Flutter is that it allows rapid development with only one development team. You only need to hire Flutter app developers instead of individual iOS and Android app developers. It means you have to pay less hiring costs and invest less time in team management. There will be less to no coordination hassle. Moreover, you can launch both iOS and Android apps simultaneously.

With faster launch schedules, you can earn the feedback faster, and you can make agile iterations based on the user feedback.

Summing Up

Flutter UI toolkit is gaining notable popularity among brands, and various businesses are already utilizing it for their leading MVP solutions.

Further, we at Adorebits Technologies would be happy to consult the right mobile app technology for your MVP or enterprise app projects. Connect with us today.



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