Reasons and Where to Hire Flutter App Developers?

  • Significant reduction in the app development cost owing to the true cross-platform development nature.
  • The development cost can be reduced by up to 40% along with a reduced team size.
  • Reduced development time as a single Dart-based code powers both iOS and Android app.
  • Better user experience and performance of Flutter apps than React Native
  • Use of BLoC architecture for better scalability and easier testing
  • Faster application development with features like Hot Reloading
  • Stable apps with the use of individual Flutter components (unlike React Native)
  • Flutter cross-platform framework has gained huge popularity and has outperformed React Native with higher number of Github Stars
  • Cost-effective than inhouse hiring or outsourcing to a professional app development company
  • Freelancers are easily available for short term projects
  • Lack of reliability and accountability, which might result in project failure
  • Freelancers work as individual service providers who might use hard-coded gaps or patchwork to complete your app faster. This will hinder the app’s performance, increase security threats, and belittle the app’s scalability.
  • Freelance developers may abandon your project halfway and you cannot rely upon long-term projects.
  • Highly reliable resources that can work as an extended part of your in-house team.
  • You can manage even scale your dedicated team as per your project priorities
  • Dedicated developers are aligned with your goals and the provider ensures the accountability of the resources.
  • You can hire remote-ready resources by vetting their expertise.
  • You do not have to be wary of the resource retention hassle as the payroll and retention responsibilities are generally managed by the resource provider company.
  • Ideal for long-term projects
  • Dedicated developers might cost you higher than freelancers in short term. However, the former option offers greater value for your project.
  • Dedicated developers prove to be more productive for long-term projects. In that case, you can also hire shared resources for shorter projects.



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