Reasons and Where to Hire Flutter App Developers?

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So, when you are choosing Flutter, you are most probably aware of the benefits it brings to your business.

Flutter has earned significant popularity within just 3+ years of its launch and has over 125K Github Stars.

The framework powers some popular mobile apps like:

· Google Ads App

· Xianyu App from Alibaba

· Hamilton Mobile App and Website

· eBay

· BMW official app

Here are the top reasons to choose Flutter Cross-platform Development:

  • Significant reduction in the app development cost owing to the true cross-platform development nature.
  • The development cost can be reduced by up to 40% along with a reduced team size.
  • Reduced development time as a single Dart-based code powers both iOS and Android app.
  • Better user experience and performance of Flutter apps than React Native
  • Use of BLoC architecture for better scalability and easier testing
  • Faster application development with features like Hot Reloading
  • Stable apps with the use of individual Flutter components (unlike React Native)
  • Flutter cross-platform framework has gained huge popularity and has outperformed React Native with higher number of Github Stars

But, where do you find the right Flutter app developers for your app development?

Well, there are various ways to find Flutter app developers for your business, but each has its associated pros and cons. And you need to choose the right way for your specific business requirements. These ways include:

1) Hire Freelance Flutter App Developers

There are various platforms to hire freelance app developers. Some of the most popular ones include Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal, Behance, etc.

Pros of Hiring Freelancers:

  • Cost-effective than inhouse hiring or outsourcing to a professional app development company
  • Freelancers are easily available for short term projects

Cons of Hiring Freelancers:

  • Lack of reliability and accountability, which might result in project failure
  • Freelancers work as individual service providers who might use hard-coded gaps or patchwork to complete your app faster. This will hinder the app’s performance, increase security threats, and belittle the app’s scalability.
  • Freelance developers may abandon your project halfway and you cannot rely upon long-term projects.

2) Hire Dedicated Flutter Developers from Reliable Outsourcing Companies

Another method that is gaining much prominence in the present times is hiring remote or dedicated app developers.

Pros of Hiring Dedicated or Remote Flutter Developers

  • Highly reliable resources that can work as an extended part of your in-house team.
  • You can manage even scale your dedicated team as per your project priorities
  • Dedicated developers are aligned with your goals and the provider ensures the accountability of the resources.
  • You can hire remote-ready resources by vetting their expertise.
  • You do not have to be wary of the resource retention hassle as the payroll and retention responsibilities are generally managed by the resource provider company.
  • Ideal for long-term projects

Pro Tip:

You must look for a specialized mobile app development company that offers dedicated resource hiring solutions. One such company is Adorebits Technology.

It offers you pre-vetted, and remote-ready Flutter developers. You can share your requirements and the company will help you hire dedicated resources from its internal team.

The company takes complete accountability of its resources and assures you the best skillset for your project.

Moreover, you can scale your team up or down cost-effectively with Flutter developers starting from $1900/month.

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Cons of Hiring Dedicated Flutter App Developers

  • Dedicated developers might cost you higher than freelancers in short term. However, the former option offers greater value for your project.
  • Dedicated developers prove to be more productive for long-term projects. In that case, you can also hire shared resources for shorter projects.



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