Top 10 Mobile App Conferences for Developers, CEOs & Entrepreneurs in 2021

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6 min readJun 16, 2021

Noteworthy insights from industry experts, unmatched learning experiences, and endless networking opportunities. Wait, did I forget to mention ‘awe-inspiring venues’?

Good industry conferences are always worth your attention.

So, today we bring you the top mobile app conferences and events in 2021.

These events unveil endless opportunities for mobile app developers, industry leaders, and app entrepreneurs.

You as a mobile app developer can attend startling workshops from the best mentors. And you get a chance to connect with your mentors, niche experts, and people likewise.

Moreover, industry leaders and app entrepreneurs get amazing networking opportunities. They can also join knowledge-sharing sessions and draw feedback for their latest app ideas.

Some of the plentiful benefits of mobile app conferences and events include:

  • Getting early insights about the upcoming trends in the mobile app development world.
  • Advanced coding workshops, hackathons, and live-learning sessions
  • Amazing networking opportunities for mobile app developers and entrepreneurs
  • Live stage sessions from mobile industry experts and thought leaders
  • After-hours socializing opportunities and discussions
  • Insights about the latest app industry trends, market trends, and untapped opportunities.

I hope by now you are convinced to attend at least one mobile app event in 2021.

But, with the overwhelming number of such events, it might be hard to choose one. So, here we have sorted some of the top mobile app conferences & events for you in 2021.

Top 10 Mobile App Conferences for Developers, CEOs & Entrepreneurs in 2021

Conferences in June 2021

1. Mobile World Congress: Barcelona

  • Date and Location: From 28th June to 1st July 2021 | In Barcelona, Spain
  • Website:
  • Key Topics: Mobile Connectivity over 5G, Mobile App Security & Privacy, Latest App Technology, AI Technology, App Promotions, etc.
  • How to Attend: It is a hybrid event and one can attend it online or in-person.

MWC is unquestionably the largest events in the mobile industry. The event attracts over 100,000 mobile enthusiasts every year. These include mobile devs, app entrepreneurs, tech companies, industry leaders, etc.

You can expect startling keynotes, seminars, and sessions from the best mobile visionaries. And, the event opens door to a myriad of networking opportunities for businesses & developers.

MWC witnesses over 2,400 tech companies every year. And the attendees can get early insights on the upcoming trends in the mobile arena.

The sister programs of MVC for other locations include:

Conferences in September 2021

2. Mobile UX London

  • Date & Location: September 2021 | London, UK
  • Website:
  • Key Topics: Mobile UX design workshops, new app development tips & tricks

Mobile UX London is a unique conference that is backed by experts in the mobile app industry. The event is graced by thought leaders from Google, Microsoft, and Uber.

The event brings together the best designers, product managers, and UX engineers. And they help you learn mind-boggling insights about mobile user experience.

This year the event will conduct both workshops and masterclasses. So, get ready to be overwhelmed with astonishing insights into the mobile UX world.

This mobile app conference offers substantial value to mobile devs, UX engineers and product managers.

3. App Growth Summit SF 2021

  • Date & Location: 22nd September 2021 | San Francisco, USA
  • Website:
  • Key Topics: mobile programmatic and app growth

The core focus of this event is mobile programmatic. And it educates individuals about the ins & outs of mobile programmatic strategy.

App marketers, app developers, and mobile app publishers will find great value via this summit. Moreover, it will definitely help you optimize your mobile programmatic strategy.

You can expect various discussions and live learning sessions related to app growth too.

Conferences in October 2021

4. Droidcon

  • Date & Location: From 13th to 15th October 2021 | Berlin, Germany
  • Website:
  • Key Topics: Android app development, designing, marketing, trends — All things Android.

Droidcon is a mobile app conference that is devoted to all things Android. It brings vast exposure, endless knowledge, and one-of-a-kind experience to Android enthusiasts. These include Android developers, designers, app entrepreneurs, Android app companies, and project managers, etc.

From the latest updates in the Android field to the most exclusive Android topics, this conference covers every crucial insight in the Android world.

You can expect keynotes, formal conferences, workshops, and live learning sessions.


  • Date & Location: From 26th to 28th October 2021 | Los Angeles, USA
  • Website:
  • Key Topics: Mobile Connectivity via 5G, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, App Marketing, etc.

This event attracts presenters and visionaries from across the globe. They generally cover topics related to present and future trends in the mobile app world.

You can expect exclusive presentations related to IoT, 5G connectivity, on-demand economy, and AI.

A look at the list of attendees will tell you that the event attracts CEOs, mobile developers, mobile publishers, app entrepreneurs, and app marketers.

The event allows the attendees to establish a valuable network between the shows.

6. Israel Mobile Summit

Israel Mobile Summit is an eminent event for mobile enthusiasts in Europe and the Middle East. The event brings value to thousands of app developers, marketers, and app entrepreneurs.

This conference is adorned by app innovators, and you can witness several app contests. Moreover, the top leaders in the mobile app world give you insights into the latest trends.

Entrepreneurs and startups are most likely to build great networks at this conference.

7. App Growth Summit São Paulo 2021

  • Date & Location: 27th October 2021 | São Paulo, Brazil
  • Website:
  • Key Topics: Mobile app marketing, app growth, growth techniques and discussions

The São Paulo 2020 event was a great success and the attendees took back great insights. And so, they are all set to come up with a larger venue and bigger audience this year.

In this full-day event, you will have experts teaching you the newest app growth strategies. Moreover, you can socialize, talk with mentors, and join app marketing discussions.

If you are a mobile app developer, marketer, app owner, entrepreneur, or app publisher, this event is a must-attend for you.

Conferences in November 2021

8. MobileOne

  • Date & Location: Announced for Nov 2021 | Paris, France
  • Website:
  • Key Topics: App monetization, app marketing, mobile app design & development

MobileOne taps into great insights about app monetization, app design, and app marketing. This mobile app conference allows attendees to socialize with the European mobile community.

You are most likely to witness expert sessions, keynotes, niche discussions, etc. Startups, business owners, and entrepreneurs get immense networking opportunities. And they are sure to draw good insights on app monetization and app growth.

Conferences in December 2021

9. App Growth Awards

How to Attend: It is a hybrid event that you can attend in-person or online

This awards event marked its debut in 2017. Since then, this event accesses the global app growth and awards the leaders. The app also celebrated innovations, app marketing leaders, and industry success.

You can also earn great insights about successful app marketing at this event. The event is a perfect gathering for app marketers and entrepreneurs.

10. App Promotion Summit: Berlin

The mission that drives this summit is to draw expert assistance on app growth strategies. It is an ideal event for app marketers, app owners, and app growth experts.

This mobile app conference brings you sessions from the world’s top app growth experts. You can learn the ins & outs of app marketing and get insights into the latest app growth tricks.

App Promotion Summit in Berlin has 5 knowledge sessions. And the attendees have ample opportunities to establish fruitful networks between intervals.

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